Architectural Design & Drafting Services

We offer residential and commercial architectural CADD services for individuals, contractors, developers and real-estate brokers. Projects range from existing sites and structures to renovations, proposals and new construction.

We deliver quality CADD documents that are accurate, thorough and meet all client requested standards. Immediate response and delivery times are what set us apart in today's fast paced market. For more detailed information on specific areas, please see the following services.

Existing Sites and Structures

When our clients acquire older property, quite often there aren't any site documents or the only ones that exist are out of date blueprints. Our specialty is taking what information exists and field measuring new or missing structures, then creating up to date, accurate, CADD documents. Immediate response is very important to our clients who need to quickly assess their new purchase and discover ways to develop and prepare the property for sale or lease. Contact us today for an estimate on getting your properties in to CADD and up to date.

Marketing Plans for Brokers and Developers

Brokers and developers require a variety of documents to help their clients see the potential in properties. Existing structures are typically not suited for many of the companies who might consider them. We work with brokers and developers to create marketing plans that demonstrate how a structure can be custom renovated to suit their clients purpose. Our clients rely on our creativity and ingenuity to help create efficient plans that keep renovations minimal while maximizing the potential clients needs. Contact us today to help maximize your presentations.

Proposals and Conceptual Designs

Our clients are creative and are always pondering ideas for buildings and renovations. We help bring our clients ideas to the next level by creating their plan as a CADD document. CADD documents allow for easy manipulation of structural and design elements. Our speed and expertise allows us to work with clients in real-time to achieve desired results with higher efficiency and accuracy. We can also serve as a representative for a broker or developer and work in real-time with their client to further increase effeciency and accuracy. Contact us today and bring your ideas to life.

New and Renovation Construction Projects

ATI works directly with construction contractors to supply CADD documents through the many stages of a projects development, such as owner approval, state approval and final as-builts. While focusing on each stage of development, we also maintain each documents integrity and usefullness for future stages. Our expertise with AutoCAD affords quick turn-a-rounds for projects on a tight schedule. We also offer real-time CADD sessions with contractors or owners who wish to sit down and have us modify the documents while they dictate the changes.